Saturday, 29th May, 2010

Hello. Just in case you hadn't noticed my fevered activity in the news feed I have some new songs for you to listen to from my album Silvern including a cover of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. This is what I have been working away at in Golden Hum for the past year. It's a mystery as to how it will become available for sale but I'll let you know when I know...know what I mean? I'll be playing songs from the album on June 16th at Tamesis Dock with my newly formed band. Please do come along as it will be boosting to see some friendly faces.
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Jess has...

HEARD: Grizzly Bear, Sparklehorse, Buddy & The Huddle, My Brightest Diamond, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Dears, Radiohead, Radiohead, never too much Radiohead, Homelife, Sufjan Stevens, Yo La Tengo, PJ Harvey, John Tavener, DJ Shadow, Arvo Part, Grandaddy.

WATCHED: Brazil is one of the best films ever made, Delicatessen, Ma Vie En Rose, Pi, Buffalo 66, Waking Life, Once Upon A Time In The West, In The Mood For Love, Leon, Amores Perros, Dark Days, Hable Con Ella, 2046, Mulholland Drive.

READ: Lots of Murakami, Phillip K Dick, Ray Bradbury, Virginia Woolf, Dostoyevsky, a little Iris Murdoch, Alasdair Grey, David Mitchell, Donna Tartt, Pablo Neruda, John Steinbeck, probably some others as well.

With a voice like absolutely no-one else in gramophonic history, Bryant creates bewitching, fragile songs that conjure up images of late nights in dark wooded places, black magick, ancient folk tales and... somethin' else. Something you can't put your finger on at all.
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