Produced and recorded over a number of smoky sessions with Paul Scott at Pi HQ, this is Hanny's first album release for two years, titled "Shock Trance".

After the complexities of some of his earlier recordings, we made a concious effort to keep everything stripped down and intimate - truly human in the fullest of all meanings...

It will be available for CD or download purchase through Pi Music very soon!

Enjoy - Paul & Hanny
Hanny has risen to become Cuba's brightest sonero. He combines a respect for the very best of traditional cuban songwriting and musicianship with a contemporary flair and passion. Progressive arrangments, atypical instrumentation and a lyrical depth not seen in modern salsa music.

The quality of Hanny's songwriting led at first to many of his songs being stolen by more established Cuban musicians. With his blistering salsa & ballads steeped in motion, Hanny's tales of love won and lost are much in demand & some of the best cuban artists Isaac Delgado, Los Van Van & Son 14 have all requested songs from him.

The man who will change the face of Cuban music ...excellent

The Future of Cuban music
Juan Formell of Los Van Van

The sound of young Cuba.. poetic lyrics with tough modern arrangments.. The strings are robust and strong the voice is the warmest in the caribbean the leader of the new generation in Cuba.
Straight No Chaser

Hanny is Cuba's brightest young star...has changed the face of salsa

Simply the best album of the year. he has gone back to the roots of cuban music and created a new sound with incredible lyrics and a voice that will capture the hearts of all women. Explosive!
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