Check out this months (Sepember) issue of Hip Hop Connection (pages 100-111).

We got ourselves two pages promoting our current DVD Live at the Dead Vortex (which featured excellent live mixing by Paul Pi) and the upcoming 2 Disc DVD documentary made by Mr Mason Gaines.

Not Bad for a Band with no Label, No Manager and no PR eh? However, if you are a good manager (or know one), let us know!
A South East London three piece, stunt fronted by guitarist and graffiti artist Lewis Henry and driven forward by Lancastrian B-line specialist Ben "Jammin" Powell, and West Country beatnik Zac Baker, Kn0wn became a band in the last nights of the 20th Century after bouncing off each others styles at squat party Jams around SE London. A Kn0wn sighting can be anywhere...

Apart from the usual circuit appearances supporting near famous friends, they are often found happily dishing out a 4 hour set for the general public in parks, festivals, warehouses and on the streets.

Armed with battery powered amps and junior drumkit mounted on BMX's they strangely resemble the A-team on acid as they load out of some psychedelic beast of a camper van to randomly assault the ears of unsuspecting citizens.

Although broke and near starving, the freedom to do it their way still exists. Sonic Anarchy remains in force. The true pioneers of "Guerilla Gigging' remain underground, a cultish kinda street band who so far have narrowly avoid assimilation by the self gratifying machine we call industry.
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Click HERE to find out more about 'Bound to be late'
Bound to be late
5' 51"
Click HERE to find out more about 'Poppy Fields (live)'
Poppy Fields (live)
9' 48"
Click HERE to find out more about 'Heading Down The Highway'
Heading Down The Highway
3' 07"
Click HERE to find out more about 'Broken Hearted Blues (live)'
Broken Hearted Blues (live)
6' 28"
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