There have been some wild stories circulating that the Super Superbs (three girl backing trio for Danny Valentine) are, in fact, a modern day coven of witches, practising a fusion magic of traditional british black magick with an extreme voodoo influence.

It has been reported that, using this jazzy technique, the Super Superbs have re-animated the dead corpses of the Meditations and are using them to gradually take over the world. Rumour has it that the tale of how the son of God plays drums for the Meditations is actually a complicated ruse to throw would-be witch burners off the scent.

So is it fact or is it fiction? It is truth...or is it myth?

Let us examine the evidence. There are three Super Superbs - covens always form in threes (see MacBeth, the Witches of Eastwick, etc). They are also female (again, the majority of other covens have been composed of ladies - although I am sure if they paid any attention to contemporary mores viz-a-viz discrimination on the grounds of gender, at least 16.67% of the coven would be a chap). Fortunately, if they are indeed a coven, the Super Superbs are resolutely old-school in their attitudes towards the gender-normalising of witchcraft associations.

What else then? Well they have never actually been seen flying around on broomsticks. Nor (as the orange ads would have us believe) are they the standard witch colour - green - although Lisa Moore has been noted to turn a shade of green after a particularly resonant evening in Clapton.

On the other hand, they do cackle. So on that basis, we can assume, like the civil service, that there is the reasonable possibility that any substatiated evidence could, potentially, indicate that the Super Superbs might be a coven of witches (allegedly).

In the next instalment, we shall explore the secrets of the Super Superbs' zombiefication and mind-control techniques...
Daniel Hercules Valentine was born in Wales to a sailor and a mermaid.
Daniel Hercules Valentine lived in an oak dressing table until he was 9.
Daniel Hercules Valentine dreams about cats every day.
Daniel Hercules Valentine has an evil twin, every inch his opposite.
Daniel Hercules Valentine lives in a realm of language he does not understand.
Daniel Hercules Valentine knows three angels.
Daniel Hercules Valentine eats only sandwiches.
Daniel Hercules Valentine has his own Mr. Hydes. His first name is Jesus.
Daniel Hercules Valentine is the ringmaster in a circus (but only on a Sunday).

Danny Valentine and the Meditations formed today in south London. The core of the group is psychotic poet, D.H. Valentine, handsome drumsmith Jesus Hydes and ’Devil in a Black Cab,’ K. Goff. They have been joined by various visiting musicians and have morphed into assorted insect-type forms and sounds. They make pop music and write poetry and are expert sandwich makers. They live in the 19th century and have a time machine that allows them to put digital things into the digital realm. They sometimes go to Goth clubs or Golf clubs. One of them likes to jump out of planes and one of them is a plane crash.

Danny Valentine and the Meditations released their first single worldwide on January 7th 2008 - it is a double A side of Architect of My Love b/w Killing Floor and is available on itunes and on seven inch vinyl!
 Who's Involved...
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D.H. Valentine
the voice, the guitar, the synthesiser
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Jesus Hydes
the drums, the rhodes, the backing voice
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K. Goff
the bass
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Ross Co Diamond
the hellectric guitar
Click HERE to find out more about 'Axel A. Fraser'
Axel A. Fraser
the drums, the violin, the xylophone
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the lady voices
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Architect Of My Love
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Live @ PI HQ 28th March 2008
27' 32"
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