"Ubuntu: A person is a person through other people
I am a human because I belong I share
[I have] a proper self-assurance that comes from...belonging in a greater whole...and is diminished when others are diminished
My humanity is inextricably bound in theirs"

I am a songwriter/singer/guitarist native from France and living in London. Debut (produced in a rocky three-piece) is a full-length album titled "Countries & Cities". It is available to listen to on Soundcloud.
A little child on a giant mountain
Restlessly was flying through the woods and the plains
And All The Pretty Things Of The Earth

One day with the Awakening
She looked at her friend in the eye
And spoke this new Belief:
"We must share with Others
All The Pretty Things Of The Earth,
For no doubt this will bring peace onto all of us"

To go to the City she had to be alone,
So one evening she kissed goodbye her friend, her loved ones, and All The Pretty Things,
And though in pain prepared herself to go the following morning

Many years passed and many tales were told, until as she was not anymore a child
Once more she opened her eyes
She saw only a misled path
For it was only her grief,
She was singing about
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