I've just pressed up my first real album, 'the boy who never learned', recorded and produced by Paul Scott over a period of two and a half years @ PiMusic HQ (under The White House pub off Clissold Park) and then latterly at his home studio in Holloway Road (in London). Both of us poured time, energy and love into it throughout this period, drawing in talented and generous-spirited musician friends along the way to help us achieve our visions for the sound and feel for each track. The album was officially launched on 13th February 2010 with a party at the Unity Church on Upper Street in Islington. It was a beautiful diy/byo affair with friends, family, 'unitarians' and strangers making it what it was and forming a crowd of about 150 for us - me plus tom fry on double bass, rayna ferner on violin & mark greenfield on cajon/darbuka - to perform to, sans amps of course. Magical silence bar the sounds of our bare instruments and an intimacy and purity of performance experience that I will not forget. Watch this space for monthly residencies in London and in Bristol providing you with regular opportunities to come and hear me and my band and other guest song-writers I admire performing in this manner. The album is now available in beautiful, screen-printed, recycled card CD format and will very shortly be downloadable and orderable in hard copy from various sites linked to here. If you want to get hold of it and don't know how to for whatever reason, please let me know, I want to get it to you! Meantime hope to see you around? Come and immerse yourself in an evening of song-driven, acoustic storytelling when you can.
If you haven't yet come across me in person then hopefully what follows will go some way to satisfying your basic curiosity. I'm a country-spirited londoner, writing contemporary, acoustic guitar-based, folk/country songs borne out of my personal experience of this city and other times and places. I've spent 10 years writing and singing in earnest and have recently found my feet with what it is I really want out of all this musical 'activity'. The greatest joy i've had from playing live so far has come from troubadouring my way around the country on an experimental tour I embarked on for two months last summer (2009) from Devon to Dunkeld in Scotland, and back again, in a campervan. I was bored of the lack of dynamism or joy in the promoted acoustic circuit in london and wanted to spend the summer travelling and playing out as much as i possibly could. The best gigs in what turned out in the end to be a 35-date impromptu tour were the ones without amplification, playing in the old folk tradition to a gathered group of often unsuspecting locals. Being a wandering minstrel and performing in this way, and in these times, is a true faith test. If you pass it and win out over the bar-room din, drawing a horseshoe of listeners around you, the experience for all concerned can deliver ten-fold what can be achieved through today's traditional (amplified) approaches to small capacity live music performances. It was pure liberation for me from the cold, detached and rather static nature of the standard, promoted, gig venue equivalent and I suppose a return to a style of performing and interacting that was common-place in times when musicians were more 'connected', wholesome and grounded, and pubs didn't have to pay for music licenses for every scrap of music taking place under their rooves. Nothing like an acoustic guitar, some guts and engaging and original songs to open doors, hearts and minds and bring back some soul and meaning to music as a form of potentially profound communication between strangers.
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