fiction recommendations
Ten Days That Changed The World  
Ever wondered how it felt to actually 'be there' during the transition from 'democracy' to soviet peoples republic in St Petersburg, Russia, 1917? John Reed, a socialist American journalist was there during this time - and his breathtaking account of the twists and turns at the birth of this - the worlds first workers state - shows anyone who cares to understand, just how it was - and will be once again - inspirational & essential.

Here's what Vladimir Ilych has to say about it in the preface to the book:

With the greatest interest and with never slackening attention I read John Reed's book, Ten Days that Shook the World. Unreservedly do I recommend it to the workers of the world. Here is a book which I should like to see published in millions of copies and translated into all languages. It gives a truthful and most vivid exposition of the events so significant to the comprehension of what really is the Proletarian Revolution and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. These problems are widely discussed, but before one can accept or reject these ideas, he must understand the full significance of his decision. John Reed's book will undoubtedly help to clear this question, which is the fundamental problem of the international labor movement.
End of 1919

non-fiction recommendations
Left Wing Communism - An Infantile Disorder (V.I.Lenin)  
Lenin's extraordinary analysis and critique of the conceptual flaws inherent in much that claims to represent the interests of the people...

song recommendations
Willy Mason - Oxygen  
An excellent song by an artist of great promise! Unfortunately, he's 'signed'... nethertheless definitely worth checking out. Follow the link above to stream the video of this unusually thoughtful track. Be warned: typical record company practice - no download...

website recommendations
In Defence of Marxism  
Good introduction to marxist theory. In particular, worth checking for Alan Woods highly readable articles.

Economic & Philosophic Science Review  
Hardline leninist weekly journal. Not easy reading, but it delivers excellent revolutionary consistancy and fine use of integrating recent news media articles to back it's political perspective.