For the fearless only. This part of the pimusic website is where brave pi users anonymously give/receive feedback on 'in progress' demo's! Painful & honest, it's certainly not for those any who doubt their talent or who don't want to know if they've gone up their own ass on their latest masterpiece...
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 Alcatraz  last modified 07 Jan '06

 Authors' Notes: Ever felt the walls of your life were closing in?

Feedback received so far...

" You are a star! "

" Yes I liked that - has the idea been developed any further? "

" does what it says on the tin "

" THAT WAS OK!!! "

 Sell You A Secret  last modified 31 Mar '05

 Authors' Notes: A highly melodic european feel for this cherie...for all the romantics out there. Need to record the vox then go live abroad...

Feedback received so far...

" You're a fucking genius mate! Can see it needs a lot more work, but even so...10/10 for the sentiment. Bit corny for some I think. "

" Storming James-like riff! "

" That was brilliant! More please!!!! "

" I thought it was cool too. Needs a lot of work though... "

" Yup that was paris! "

" made me feel like my plane had just been delayed "

" Very Nice! "

" perhaps berlin? "

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