I want Simon Cowells babies   
Paul Pi  07 Apr '04  
With a mustard mayonaise sauce please...

I should in theory hate pop idol but actually the rampant cross-media cynicism, the eager puppetry of the the hopefuls and the mindless acceptance of profit-driven commodity by the audience & public cheers me up, as it reminds me that whilst these wannabi 'icons' may well be big on the qualities that our panel of experts (smug sadists every one) think we - consumers - DESERVE, they're small on ideas, opinions, creative individuality, maverick talent or indeed anything that we NEED from our cultural icons. Yup, it's all about short-term gain nowadays. Who loses? You guessed it...

This is good in the long run - an entire generation of bands, songwriters, performers and music lovers have been so blatently betrayed by big-business marketing practice, they indeed are ready for a proper change!


anonymous    23 June '06   
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Working through some 2010 Law Reports, three cases cuaght the eye:1] Bertelsman J, in Afriforum vs Malema 2010[5] SA 235 GNP strategically quoting a [lo and behold!] SAHRC decision re that kill the boer, kill the farmer ANC slogan: There can be no doubt that the slogan, given its content, its history and the context in which it was chanted would harm the sense of wellbeing, contribute directly to a feeling of marginalisation and adversely affect the dignity of Afrikaners. .It contribute to the alienation of the target community and conveys a particularly divisive message to the majority community that the target community is less deserving of respect and dignity .2] Willis J's cry in an eviction case [sensing uncertainty and a lack of direction in SCA/ConCourt precedents] Emfuleni vs Builders 2010[4] SA 133 GSJ at 145E: If the courts above the High Court consider that all property is theft', the High Court and the people of South Africa need to know this. 3] Meyer J in Aruforse vs Min of Home Affairs 2010[6] SA 579 GSJ at 586 overruling an unreported decision by one Preller, J, in Adela Mbalinga Akwen vs Min of Home Affairs. Section 34[1] of the Immigration Act stipulates that an immigration officer may detain a person pending deportation, provided that such foreigner: may not be held in detention for longer than 30 calender days without a warrant of a court which on good and reasonable grounds may extend such detention for an adequate period not exceeding 90 calender days; and .Preller, J, in Akwen decided, inter alia: In my view there is nothing in the wording of this subsection that suggests that after the detention has been extended for 90 days initially, it may not then be extended for a further 90 days. Can you believe it?That is judicial xenophobia!. That was a decision:i] directly opposite/contrary to the legality principle;ii] writing in / reading in to the legislation a further 90 days incarceration;iii] contrary to all rules that such legislation should be interpreted in favour of liberty.Meyer J rightfully trashed that interpretation of his colleague.
anonymous    20 Apr '12   
And You Too I see alot of muslims tniakg advantage of the christian holiday?Personally I dont mind but they, for the rest of the year, proclaim everyone except themselves sinners. Ever heard the one of non-believer shop owners(be they Jewish, Muslim or of whatever religion other than Christian) who, at close of bussiness on Christmas Eve, lock up their shops, congregate with their family members inside the shops, light up candles, look at all the empty shelves and sing: What a friend we have in Jesus ?!
anonymous    14 July '12   
Silly Billy! Lag as jy wil. Jy kan nie kwantifiseer nie hoveeel momentum opsien na swart rolmodelle soos Boney M en die Cosby's verskaf het om by wit Suid Afrikaners die besef tuis te bring dat hulle rasseverhoudinge moet normaliseer, kom wat wil. Verder, dat hulle baie meer soos godsdiens met swartmense in gemeen het, as wat hulle wil erken.Ja, dit maak sin om vir Boney M vir hulle passe te vra, ne?
anonymous    15 July '12   
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anonymous    21 Sept '12   
i understand that you want sbitality but i expected that the runaway from mandriva company would make you go one step beyond without fearing the poor sales. i'm talking about the edge. newer packages: gnome 2? i think the network tools on mandriva aren't enough and network manager should be used..anyway i didn't try this, i'm still a mandriva user and i hope i try this soon on a VM and my first request is that the package mantainers get it all done right, 'cause one of mandriva's worst things it was packages broken itself and dependencies.keep up and thank you
anonymous    07 Dec '12   
Although Science Buzz uses a variety of tools to meet its goals, a lot of atoitnetn was paid to its blog. You don't find blogs on too many museum websites. I suspect part of this is due to the quick, informal reputation of blogging, which runs counter to the slower, more rigorous processes of exhibit curation and peer-reviewed publishing that most museums value. And part of it, I'm sure, is that most museums have far more goals than resources, so you won't find too many administrators willing to commit staff time to writing or maintaining a blog.
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We're happy to announce that meboumslugs.org is up and running. Over the last couple of months, off and on, we've been working on putting the site together. The original idea came from our Survey of Museum Blogs, the follow Up, and numerous conversations and ideas that came out of the Museums and Web conference. (We posted some of those ideas here, the Walker's New Media Initiatives Blog posted about it here with numerous comments.)
anonymous    07 Dec '12   
That's not even 10 mintues well spent!
anonymous    16 Mar '13   
Soloman, I watched the saente testimony you appealed. I have to say you made all the freedom fighters proud and I'd vote for you if you ran for Prime Minister. Gun laws are unfair and it teaches law abiding people to simply ignore the gun laws becouse its one big skeem. What sounds good on paper isn't always what's best for the community. Its fact that all genocide happened when the general public had their firearms removed we are a free country and it should stay as such. Less government regulations the better. Next thing we should work towards is the right to defend your home, rather then good people being the victims both actually or in court.
anonymous    19 Mar '13   
There is so much bias on this blog. There is no originality or evidnece. It is strictly opinion. This is why people hate blogs. Advice, don't see we and actually talk about the other team. Comparing the Suns to Duke is ridiculous. The only similarities are two PGs that are horrible at defense.
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