Society is being inexorably driven to a terrifying reality by retarded parasites who lie(d) about the direction that humanity needs must follow, in full knowledge of the unneccessary suffering such intent brings to REAL people EVERYWHERE on this increasingly distressed planet. It is clear the bourgeoisie, via their political pets, are attempting - in the name of 'security' of course - to bring about, indeed accelerate, its opposite... all to thwart a necessary rebalancing and evolution in global human progress.

Their 'solution' is to destabilise, cheapen, distort and confuse the blighted masses, that we thus lack the clarity and ability to challenge (or even recognise) the REAL problems and the REAL enemies of society... So, if your life actually doesn't fit you - apparently it's your fault...

And that's clearly just pure crap.

Because there is actually no such thing as a free (mainstream) press, because politicians are self-serving, opportunistic puppets and - above all - because capitalism is guided by nothing more than a blind, self-defeating profit motive (merely requiring a generalised aquiescence to archaic, sociopathic notions that selfish desire and control are essential to personal success) - their ideological belief system will only ever commodify, belittle and betray you. We, on the other hand, do care about you and yours, for we understand that a healthy, progressive society is only possible if populated by fulfilled, enriched, enlightened, inter-connected individuals.

The Pi Music Communication Network is a serious attempt to nurture a humane alternative to a despicable, moribund mainstream that exists to provide cultural cover for the above; Our goal is to undermine & challenge the corporate scoundrels who sell YOU - and anything you might ever believe in - down the river.

But this will never be - can never be - done alone. We need you to unite your living energy with ours; to disarm this souless consumer culture with the hypereal dynamic of our chaotic, collective, brilliantly true humanity!