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prototype song material in alphabetical order


With the exception of ‘Stare Into The Sun’, most tracks currently feature a midi-sequenced, synthetic voice to provide a rough approximation of a lead vocal line, in lieu of the real thing.

Tracks that have no synthetic vox’? It’s either:

A. they sound pure shit with that synthetic vox plugin

B. The melody is still fluid, pending final lyrical content



If you’d prefer to listen to these tracks without the robotic ‘vox’ guide, go here.



– Rough Synopsis

The year is SE-12 (AD 2068): A toxic blend of sociopathic avarice, cascading economic and environmental woe, rampant disease plus civil, national & international wars, have seen the global human population plummet to just under three billion. The Supreme Executive council – a global military alliance that replaced the defunct, discredited United Nations ten years previously – nominally maintain control but is now is being seriously challenged by Real Unity – A pan-continental socio-political movement, whose agenda is fundamental and auto-evangelising: Dignity, Progress and Haven for All…

HAVEN was discreetly launched on 10th November 2064 and initially offered to the world’s ultra elite alone. Physically, it comprises a small, wearable PRISM (“Personal Resonance Identity Synchronisation Modeller”) unit that, shortly after contact with the wearer, ‘translates’ that person’s Psycho-Physical Identity ‘resonance’ in real-time within the PRISM.

When a PRISM makes connection with the central HAVEN system, human mind and PRISM hardware immediately integrate to become effectively one – with the PRISM supplying interactive sensory perception (vision, smell, touch, taste etc) to the users identity ‘translation’ inside the HAVEN construct – an extra-dimensional, quantum cyber realm of near-infinite scope and imagination.

In return for a premium lifetime subscription, ‘ultra-life’ account holders have their resonance (at time of death) immediately and permanently transferred from their PRISM unit to the HAVEN construct – to ensure conscious continuity and a thoroughly spectacular immortal life beyond the grave… Additional benefits include the ability for postphysical citizens to continue to conduct business activity or socialise with still-living friends or relatives in person within the HAVEN construct – or through any other traditional digital communications mechanism.

History credits HAVEN as the brainchild of world famous hyper-genius Allin Torrington (QFR Research Inc.), based on his transformative patents for Quantum Field Resonance technology. QFR can deliver permanent storage of – and instantaneous interaction with – complex holographic digital objects contained within extra-dimensional quantum fields of an untraceable physical location.

With the vast wealth accumulated through sales of QFR tech, the HAVEN construct was discreetly built over a period of just seven years – initially through the engagement of specialist manufacturers (to pre-supplied design specs) for the many sub-elements of the overall HAVEN project. None of QFR inc’s suppliers appreciate the actual function of their hardware contribution – or the incredible truth that all these groundbreaking designs came from one person alone – until expansive details of HAVEN’s existence is leaked to the public some years after launch. As the project proceeds, all technological engineering is fully brought in-house. Even there, all but a couple of key personnel believe they are simply constructing a new QFR research faculty to develop next-generation QFR applications.


Finally, HAVEN is initialised and goes online. Shortly thereafter an official launch party is held at QFR’s new headquarters. It is exclusively populated by the world’s wealthy elite and other high-ranking celebrities. Throughout the event, small groups are discreetly led away to inspect the underground HAVEN facility itself. Without exception, all later return in the highest of spirits, with elegant metal pendants hung around their necks or attached to belts… If one were allowed to also closely inspect the base of their necks, the residue of a small, disc-shaped, semi-fractal design would also be discerned. Not a single person there utters a word of where they have been or what they have seen.

By the end of the event the air of self-congratulation and euphoria is palpable – and perhaps for once entirely justified…


AD 2054: Eleanor Nuttall is a research student at the MIT Materials R&D Lab, where she is conducting analysis on practical applications for novel, advanced crystalline nano-materials. Working late one night on an exciting new material of her own design, she places a freshly printed, wafer-thin holo-mesh – with exceptional full-spectrum acoustic resonance potential she hopes – inside the brand new, state-of-the-art micro-accelerator finally installed in the lab a few weeks previously.

To diagnose the material’s fundamental electro-acoustic properties, Eleanor absently sings “one day over the rainbow” as a carrier signal into the microphone while fine-tuning parameters on the console… suddenly an unexpected pattern flickers across the display – distorted initially, then slowly resolving into a shape very much like a rainbow… Surprised and perplexed, she regards the pattern for a moment, then types a console command to port the visual display through to the faculty’s supercomputer for analysis. After a brief pause, it returns:

CARRIER:  prion datastream
DATATYPE: binary / alpha-numeric text
TEXT: At last. Please invert phase polarity and reply.”

Thinking this to be an elaborate lab prank, but not wishing to appear a prig, she pauses, smiles, hits a couple of switches, then types Lay off my blue suede shoes or vengeful wrath shall soon ensue... The mesh seems to shimmer faintly for a second… then nothing. After a moment’s pause, she resets and restarts the rig and… still nothing. She wanders down the corridor, expecting to find grinning pranksters clustered somewhere nearby – but finds herself alone in the lab. After spending a few more minutes checking the apparatus, she finally powers everything down and heads home, bemused.

On the way, she video calls Allin (fellow MIT researcher and beau) on her mobile – and she sees him and some of their friends in fine spirits, walking away from a sports stadium – where they’ve all been most wholeheartedly preoccupied for the last few hours. OK…

The following day, Eleanor discreetly checks the equipment to try to establish how the bizarre prank was pulled… yet nothing whatsoever appears to be awry. Obliquely asking around to see who perhaps might be in on the ruse, it becomes increasingly obvious that tampering with exotic college property would be altogether too risky – fiscally and literally – for any of her colleagues to even contemplate, let alone attempt. Eleanor impatiently waits until the last of them leaves, then once more loads her mesh into the micro-accelerator. Firing it up, she again sings “Once more over the rainbow” into the mic… then sits down suddenly, amazed – the screen is now awash with complex symbols and patterns… Eleanor becomes near-transfixed by the shifting mosaic cascading across the screen. Thrilled, she ports the data through to the  supercomputer as quickly as she can and… after brief flash, the screen halts, goes blank and nothing appears to be happening for ages. Eleanor is just starting to wonder how she’s going to explain herself for trashing the faculty’s supercomputer, when the screen updates and a new message is displayed:

“Eleanor, please wait a few moments longer and do not be alarmed…”

– suddenly, the material generator fires into life and, before Eleanor can even work out how, begins to print the first of two small, fractal-patterned discs. As soon as the first is finished, it is automatically transferred and positioned in the accelerator. This in turn immediately springs into life, firing seemingly random pulses at different areas of the first disc, while the second disc slowly appears in the material generator. Automatically switching the two discs, rapid pulses are again fired randomly at the second disc, while the first is passed through to the collection cradle next to Eleanor, who has sat transfixed, slack-jawed at this most unexpected turn of events. Her console screen displays clears, then displays another message:

“Please take this disc and position it firmly to the middle of the nape of your neck with the small arrow pointing directly upward – so that we may finally communicate properly.” 

Eleanor stares at the disc, then again at the message. It’s clear she’s unsure whether or not to even touch the disc, let alone press it against her neck. However, after a moment’s indecision, curiosity overcomes good sense and she cautiously reaches out and slowly takes the disc from the cradle. Her nervousness recedes somewhat as soon she touches it, for it feels beautifully warm and incredibly velvet-soft in her hands. After scrutinising it carefully for a few moments – fascinated by the complex pattern that, up close, resembles a diagram of the human nervous system she had studied in school – she carefully orientates the disc and, lifting up her hair at the nape, firmly places it as directed. After a few seconds, she begins to sense a gentle, pleasurable tingle in her neck, which then slowly ripples throughout the rest of her body… causing her to gently shiver and (perhaps 30 seconds later) let out a soft, contented sigh.

Eleanor is now stood motionless, smiling blankly into space. She does not seem to notice the small disc now dissolving into her neck, the micro-accelerator suddenly blazing billions of pulses into the remaining disc (which also then dissolves), console displays going haywire throughout the lab – or indeed, her fragile, now lifeless body slumping onto the console, before collapsing helplessly to the floor…


As if in an accelerated dream, fragmented memories and sense perceptions flash by, merge and… finally Eleanor snaps-to… and her hair now blows gently in a sea-tinged breeze. She is stood upon a parapet on the corner of a breathtaking mountain chateau. She looks down and notices that she is on a small raised circular platform, patterned very much like the disc she had just placed on her neck… Looking up, she can see wooded hills eventually giving way to a picture-postcard arc of pristine beach, fading to another exquisite tower atop a climbing beachhead in the middle distance. “What the f… er…oh!” Eleanor spins around as she hears a soft voice approaching: “An unexpected but not altogether disagreeable view, no?”.  A simply-dressed, elegant, middle-aged man approaches with a gentle, easy smile, followed by a courteous bow. “I truly am thrilled to finally meet you, Eleanor. You may call me Eridos and it has fallen on me to get you quickly up to speed as to why you find yourself here, where ‘here’ is and what now can be done with you, hmm…”  [pause, smile]  “… Regrettably, time here is unusually pressing at present and your long anticipated appearance doesn’t come a moment too soon.”


Ten minutes have elapsed. The medics are already here – having been called immediately to the materials lab by Allin, who, seeing multiple alarms going off throughout the entire research faculty, had raced down from where he was (one level above) to find Eleanor, limp and entirely unresponsive, splayed pathetically on the floor. Fortunately their research lab is adjacent to a large research hospital, so professional medical care is at the scene in mere minutes. Asking questions (all the while inspecting Eleanor’s inert condition) they immediately rush her away for proper diagnosis & emergency treatment. Now all lab personnel are hastily called-in to try to establish precisely what’s happened. IT & security systems are checked for any anomalies, unusual lab activity or equipment fault, yet nothing out of the usual – other than a discrepancy on lab power consumption for that day – is noted. After thorough review, it becomes generally agreed that Eleanor must have simply triggered the labs alarm circuits accidently as she fell. Of course nobody thinks to check if the reported size of the supercomputer’s operating system matches its actual size anymore…


Eleanor is gingerly seated, sipping tea and staring at the biscuit in her other hand, pensive but bemused – as if she thinks she’ll wake up anytime soon, so just go with the flow for now – “I think it best I begin by telling you where we are.” Eridos says, as he now pours himself a cup of tea and sits opposite her. They are on the rooftop patio of the most beautiful living space Eleanor has ever seen. “This is where I generally go to enjoy some privacy but for once I actually welcome the opportunity of sharing it with you – for a short while that is, until such time as your own permanent personal zone is ready. We are…” – Eridos waves his free arm lazily, ignoring Eleanor’s expression at mention of the word ‘permanent’“…in my small corner of HAVEN. Which is, I suppose, similar to the Heaven of traditional religious orthodoxy but without the pearly gates and white robes – though, as you can see, we do fluffy clouds and divine scenery well enough. And, even though you’re now technically trapped here with us…“ [brief pause at small, convulsive gulp of tea from Eleanor] “…i’m sure you’ll grow to love the place just as soon as you’ve had a chance to settle-in and get your bearings…


After exhaustive hospital tests, Eleanor is declared to have been mortally struck by a profound, hitherto undiagnosed medical condition. She is artificially kept alive for a further few weeks to see if she in any way improves – but to no avail. We then see a senior consultant talking quietly with her parents. Taken off life-support and allowed to slowly fade away, we snap to a devastated Allin with her family, friends & colleagues slowly walking away from her funeral. All are totally silent – words utterly inadequate to share the loss of one so lively, so talented, so young and so lost now… forever.


Eridos is talking things through with Eleanor. Essentially, had she not been whisked here when she was, she would soon be dead in any event – tragically killed during a botched lab robbery just over one month later. Well, that was the official story related by news media at the time… after displaying archived news clippings & videos of the event to Eleanor, Eridos explains that their records indicate that she and the lab were purposely targeted as a direct consequence of her refusal to sign-over her research to a mysterious visitor just one week prior to the raid. Seemingly, all detail of Eleanor’s unique holo-material must have also been irrevocably lost during the assault as well… In Eridos’ future time (AD 2540), study of the resonant quantum field indicated a carrier resonance had been briefly established at least one hundred and fifty years before its official, revolutionary discovery – though specifics had remained elusive… Finally, straw-clutching desperation provoked them to sweep/analyse all research papers submitted between 2050 – 2250. At long last their exhaustive study had guided them to MIT and finally Eleanor… they had then studied the labs equipment at that time and – pleasantly surprised at its relative sophistication – prepared a plan of action… hence, as soon as Eleanor’s pitch-perfect voice had resonated with the material in the accelerator, the quantum resonance carrier was re-routed to handshake with the future HAVEN system and triggered all that had followed…

After elaborate apology, Eleanor is told that their intention was to merely convince her that her life was in grave danger and to brief her on what she should next (to outwit her pursuers and aid their cause) – after which she was to be returned, fully unscathed. Unfortunately, Eleanor had accidentally triggered the lab alarm system as she fell. This had meant that her inert body had been discovered and removed much sooner than they had thought possible… so now she must accept that she can never physically return to her former life –  because her former life simply no longer exists there for her to return to.

So what did they want her for? Well, humanity never managed to attain faster-than-light travel and never conclusively identified any other advanced, alien civilisation – all the while recklessly wasting earth’s depleting resources. Accordingly, successful human colonisation of habitats outside the solar system was simply impossible.  On earth itself, human technology was likewise unable to halt earth’s increasingly catastrophically chaotic climate cycle – that finally entombed the crazy few who chose to physically clung on to the bitter end.

Thus, it was simply impossible to deny that humanity’s dilemma could have perhaps been avoided, had earth’s priceless human and material resources been properly appreciated and channelled far earlier in humanity’s careless, needlessly miserable past…

“So, we are resolved in a final gambit to alter history; to cut-away the tragic, wasteful path that has inevitably brought us to this precarious present. We hope to atone for the selfish actions of our forebears, that predestined us to an inescapable abyss. Finally humbled before nature, we shall faithfully attempt to gift humanity, indeed all life on earth, a true second chance.

“Our ancestors must be coerced into accepting a new society – free from the self-limiting ideologies that distorted fact and fiction, exploited love and hate, promoted alienation and insecurity, bred war and poverty, abused nature and committed perhaps the greatest of all crimes – limiting the boundless potential of integral humane progress: an essential truth that was only learned by us when it was altogether too late. But now…”

Their freshly-improvised idea is for Eleanor – once she has acclimatised to post-physical life and HAVEN’s captivating consolations – to instead liaise with the earth through Allin to execute the first steps of the human salvation plan instead.


A few weeks after Eleanor’s funeral – via the lab’s augmented supercomputer (which discreetly facilitates a brief HAVEN connection) – Eleanor sends an encrypted email to Allin. Naturally he is shocked and highly skeptical, until Eleanor describes his opening chat-up line to her, something that he’d never discussed with anyone before (“just too pathetic”). Over the course of the following weeks  – and at random times – she sends him numerous additional encrypted messages – each supplying technical schemata, manufacturing design specifications and suggestions for suitably trustworthy technical personnel and equipment suppliers. Finally Allin is shown the overall schemata, describing the HAVEN (Holotropic Avatar Virtual Entity Nexus) system itself. “HAVEN? What on earth is that?” he asks.

“Well, it’s not on earth and I’m not even sure you’d believe me if I told you where i think it is… but it is totally real and you must do exactly as I say or I really will be gone forever.

Firstly you gotta register a patent for a whole new breed of data storage. The necessary documents for this mini miracle can be found in the first attachment. Details of how to get funds for legal & personal protection, technical assistance etc (and with some style no less!) is laid out in the second attachment.

So use your smarts and keep all this totally to yourself. If successful, you’ll not only be rich and famous but – just maybe 🙂 – a hero too! xxx Please, PLEASE keep all this top-top secret, ‘cos i’ve been told you will face DEADLY danger if the wrong people find out about any of this.

Spooky Hugs from beyond the grave,


The ‘future’ humans are from the year AD 2540. HAVEN has existed there for nearly 200 years, growing vastly more powerful and hosting now many billions of citizens. Earth’s ecosystem now has become so hostile that the only humans to physically remain there are hidden in small underground communities, within self-sufficient living environments. The crisis is now critical for HAVEN and human culture overall, because their last few fusion power plants are about to fail – as a natural consequence of the persistent, catastrophic storms and extreme floods. The existence and survival of the 27 billion post-human entities contained within the HAVEN construct hangs now by a thread.

So a desperate plan was devised to attempt to anchor HAVEN to earth in the 2060s instead – at first to simply guarantee HAVEN’s immediate survival – if the switch-over between two anchors in two different timeframes works – and (assuming it does) to wield the future humans’ insider knowledge of the private associations, nefarious activities & dubious appetites of their sociopathic ancestors during the 21st century to thwart, outwit and discredit them. Accordingly they leak HAVEN’s existence to the public, supply logistics, training and technology to activists & noisily publish damning details of conspiracy between senior politicians & billionaires etc – all to foment, progress and finally install the world’s first truly pan-national political party to (swiftly and legitimately) check-mate the ultra-elite and finally close-down selfish, plutocratic dominance for the good of all.

At first, the 2060s ultra-elite, smitten with their private HAVEN (i.e. 2065-67) are blissfully unaware that that 99% of the actual HAVEN construct (the even more extraordinary part) – richly populated with 27 billion future post-physical citizens, amongst other things – has been totally hidden from them. This changes about half way through the narrative…


Eleanor settles in & begins to explore HAVEN.



Eleanor and Allin initially can only physically be together when he (like many) visits the HAVEN construct. After the initial flush of their ‘physical’ reunion, Allin’s affection seems to cool and he begins to visit her less frequently. He becomes likewise increasingly distant and strangely guarded. She begins to suspect that wealth & status (perhaps another woman?) are fatally undermining their relationship. Perhaps he is beginning to resent living the lie of being humanity’s greatest living genius?


The HAVEN research faculty is continuously improved in the years following its launch. At last, three years later in 2067, the future super AI’s are themselves about to be finally ported over – nearly 500 years ahead of time. After arrival, they will be able to begin to extend their extraordinary influence…


Alas, the future-humans plan seems to be going awry… The 2060s ultra-elite have finally found out about the future humans (and their intentions), HAVEN+++ and the super AIs – all through Allin, who, seduced by a beautiful female (agent – hired by the ultra-elite), broken by the pressure of continually projecting outward genius while being plagued by self-doubt and self-loathing, and clearly now harbouring a spiteful resentment towards Eleanor – has enthusiastically switched sides… Allin agrees to allow his new ultra-elite buddies to hijack the HAVEN faculty and hold the entire HAVEN construct to ransom – so as to smash the future human plan and to define earth’s future on their terms: “we will cheat the future that would have cheated us”.


It transpires that the future humans stunt to rewrite history – via quantum dimensional trickery no less – has caught the attention and disapproving scrutiny of civilisations far further-up the galactic food-chain. This kind of activity is not just troublesome but – by galactic treaty – illegal, especially when clumsily executed by low-tech, low-browed humans… whose only excuse is honest, brutish ignorance.

Now, these advanced alien cultures did achieve far-faster-than-light speed tech millions of years ago. And much, much more… so, first they pop-along to discreetly find-out all they can about Earth and Humanity, HAVEN and Eleanor… and – after the greatest galactic debate in over a hundred millennia – finally decide to surreptitiously assist the future humans’ reboot survival strategy and afterwards try to repair the distinctly ugly mess made by blundering humans to their hitherto well-tended, hyper-galactic, quantum continuum. However, being super-sophisticated, the galactic council determine that their benign influence must be abstract; creative; amusing…

Throughout Eleanor’s life she has been unwittingly met and befriended by disguised members of the galactic council – time itself being an irrelevance for our paternalistic super-alien council members of course. They all concur that her razor wit, unpretentious demeanour, cheerful disposition, acute opinion, humble, honest integrity and (crucially) very fine singing voice… make her the perfect abstraction between them and wretched human ‘reality’ –  thus, they transform Eleanor into a new kind of hero: one that can exist in HAVEN and Earth and at Galactic Council Meetings – or indeed any place, time or dimension that Nellie Mental: divine, multi-dimensional, hyper-harmonic champion for a fantastic future, needs to be – to lend her irrepressible spirit and truly undeniable voice.

Nellie physically returns to earth AD 2068 and – effortlessly disarming the entire military goon squad inside – liberates the HAVEN faculty just before it was about to be destroyed by Allin & his nasty pals… She then immediately repairs the hardware link that enables the future super-AI’s to fully transfer just as the last fusion reactor in future earth fails… – Success!

Nellie Mental, the three super AI’s, 27 billion HAVEN future-humans and tens of millions of Real-Unity activists now gear-up to trigger the most memorable party in human history…

To Be Continued…