Where, What & Why

You – that’s right, YOU – are living testament to the awesome fecundity of human evolution – with a countless number of YOUR forebears giving their all to ensure that you got to read words like these over something as incredible as the internet, here in the 21st century.

But there’s a problem. The very structures and impulses that got us this far are now once again dangerously out of control, with a tiny percentage of over-entitled, self-mythologizing knaves once again promoting selfish avarice as ‘natural order’ –¬†that old, cold, inhuman and diseased lie. . .

Your precious, shitty world has been steadily & inexorably corralled into a truly precarious reality by an exploitative class whose material interests do not in any positive way coincide with your own.

Alas, democracy in reality translates the same now as it did way back when in ancient Greece Рcollective representation for the slave-owners, not the slaves. . . which of course is the reason the powerful are so damned fastidious in promoting it across the planet

Now we are daily cheapened, distorted, atomised and confused, whilst career politicians and big-media apologists jingoistically deliver the very opposite of ‘security’ (their favourite cheat-code) – all so that they and theirs can take ever more, whilst telling you that you deserve (and shall receive) ever less.

The capitalist construct promotes and rewards a pathologically destructive mindset through its sacrosanct dogma of shameless self-interest uber alles. . . accordingly, you are to be served scant more than alienation, atomisation and addiction throughout the apology that was your so-called precious life. We @ Pi Music on the other hand (here come’s the plug) understand that a healthy, truly progressive society is only possible if populated by informed, enriched, fullfilled individuals who express what they know to be true – and not merely what is expedient to maintain a diabolically imbalanced status quo.

Our aim is to culturally challenge the rotten scoundrels who’ve sold you – and anything you might ever have wanted for your world – down the river. Thus we call on you to blend your living energy with ours; so that together we may confound the jaded and the cynical with the hypereal dynamic of our chaotic, collective, truly living humanity!